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    Militarization, War against Drug Trafficking & Human Rights in Mexico

    2010 - 10.09

    A conference with professor and journalist, Carlos Fazio. 

    Carlos Fazio is one of the most distinguished intellectuals in Latin America.  As an international analyst he has received important awards for his  knowledge in Latin American geopolitical affairs.

    He is a professor of Communications at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). As a journalist  he has published in journals, (more…)

    Cocaine Culture

    2010 - 10.09

    A global apartheid of decadence and death.


    Cocaine Culture

    Audio version read by George Atherton

    Capitalism has always required disposable populations in order to function. In our system of global apartheid other people must toil in fields and sweatshops, die in resource wars and watch as their countries are poisoned in order for us to enjoy comfortable, privileged lives.

    As this reality becomes clearer I am alarmed by the hypocrisy of many of my contemporaries. Young, educated and progressive, they are well informed about the world’s problems and sick over the endemic violence, oppression and environmental degradation that they see.

    And so they march in protest, volunteer abroad, shop ‘green’ and insist on drinking fair trade coffee. But when the weekend comes and they let loose at parties, they see no contradiction in snorting cocaine, one of the most exploitative commodities on earth.

    They do not seem to care that for coke to make its way up their American noses, Mexican heads must roll in the streets of Juárez. Their indifference does not bode well for the rest of the country.

    Decadence and a thirst for instant gratification fuel the insatiable demand for cocaine in the US, while hyper-individualism and a sense of entitlement allow private dealers to legally sell assault weapons with no questions asked and a complete disregard for where they end up.

    The trickle down effect of these attitudes is the unbridled brutality ravaging Mexico and the horrific deaths of tens of thousands of people over the last three and a half years. (more…)