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    Anti-Capitalist Bloc Marches in Streets of Cancún to Protest U.N. Climate Talks

    2010 - 12.10

    Protesters took to the streets of Cancún on Monday night to demonstrate against the U.N. COP16 talks. More than 150 demonstrators with the anti-capitalist bloc marched from the Via Campesina camp, where they are staying, through the streets and main thoroughfares in Cancún. They marched, waved flags and chanted slogans against the summit. They also had a bus with a memorial painted on one side of Lee Kyung Hae, the South Korean farmer and activist who committed ritual suicide in Cancún in 2003 during the World Trade Organization talks in protest of the organization’s agricultural policies. Democracy Now! spoke with one of the protesters yesterday as the march was about to begin.

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    CRISTIAN GUERRERO: My name is Cristian Guerrero. I’m with Marea Creciente Mexico. I’m Ecuadorian American. We’re here in Cancún for the COP16, and we’re here in the Via Campesina camp, part of the international anti-COP space. And we’re preparing for a march against green capitalism, mega-projects and false solutions. We’re marching to the PROFEPA, which is the EPA, let’s say, of Mexico.

    We’re calling for the World Bank to be out of the climate change process. We’re asking for the Mexican government to review large mega-projects that are happening in the country and generally asking civil society to get engaged in this issue and revealing false solutions to climate change, techno-fixes or different mechanisms that are used within the COP that are basically the wrong direction in solving the climate process.

    Journalist Carlos Fazio speaks on Mexico’s Drug war

    2010 - 11.16

    Carlos Fazio, a journalist from Mexico City, spoke in Vancouver on October 19, 2010. This is his entire speech, in which he discussed the so called war on drugs and the Merida Initiative, which is modeled on the failed Plan Colombia.

    Fazio’s talk was sponsored by Building Bridges. The audio of this video was graciously provided by the folks at RedEye on Co-op Radio Vancouver.

    Thanks to Vancouver Media Coop

    The Neighbors Who Blocked the Superhighway

    2010 - 09.19

    Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard ordered a superhighway to be built between two upper class sections of the city, which would go right through the neighborhood of La Malinche. When construction crews arrived and took sledgehammers to the residents’ homes, the people gathered and chased them out. The blockade has been successful since July 26. A story of community organizing and civil resistance.test

    Mexico 2010: Enter the Detonators

    2010 - 07.26

    By Al Giordano

    In recent weeks, Mexican television viewers have been deluged with an advertisement in power rotation on all networks, including cable channels, from an apparently wealthy consortium called “Iniciativa México,” or, the Mexico Initiative.

    The ad features head coach Javier Aguirre of Mexico’s national soccer team (the original ad appears here) strutting around the Mexico City monument known as the Angel of Independence, wearing a suit jacket and unbuttoned white shirt, noting that 2010 marks the bicentennial of Mexican independence and the centennial of the revolution of 1910. And, he encourages the people of the nation not to fall into “the old complexes” this time and to be positive and sunshiney in this historic year.

    You can’t make this stuff up!

    The reaction on the street, in the markets and other public places, was overwhelmingly negative. “Who is this futbol coach to tell us what to do?” was the typical reaction this reporter received everywhere he asked. Interestingly, everybody had seen the ad, and hated it.

    Aguirre had already caused a national scandal last February when he told a Spaniard sports network that “Mexico es jodido” (“Mexico is fucked”) (more…)

    Haiti relief?

    2010 - 01.25

    While the main stream media presents the US and Canada military presence in Haiti as humanitarian, the Real News shows us the other face of this presence.